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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 13, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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official champions 114 years ago today. you know who won't be there? the washington nationals. which is too bad. caputo is next. nooushg. >> coming to you from seattle. amazon is here, star star buc's is lear. they've all been running up. even today in the face of news that would normally worry the margts and worry those stockholders, right? we're getting sabre rattling with iran and looking at ripping up an agreement with that country. you would think, and you would think that markets would hold back and say let's see how it works out. not so. all up and up appreciably. in a nonstop advance of the bull market that knows no abandon,
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despite the fact that the president of the united states has targeted iran for what could be a long-term sort of tug-of-war here. hopefully doesn't result in to war. saying with that agreement that we signed with them with barack obama couple of years back, just ain't holding water with him. an outcry from the international community, outcry from iran, outcry from a lot of people who are big at outcries except those in the corner of wall and broad and all of these guys who saw stocks and riches soar. what do they see that maybe the rest of the world doesn't see or the rest of the world is fearing? kevin cork at the white house, what are you seeing? >> neil, good to speak to you from the emerald city, one of my favorite places in america. here's what is going on. the president defiance of world leaders says this iran nuclear deal is not going the way i expect it to go, not going the way the american government and the american people would hope it would go. he has choeen not to recertify that tehran is following along with its stated goals.
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he went a step farther today, he went so far as to say that he would eliminate this deal if congressional lawmakers and the white house can't get on the same page moving forward. he made that announcement in a policy speech at the white house. confrontational approach over iran's nuclear ballistic missile program and support for extremist frups in the middle east. >> president trump: the united states adheres to our commitment, the iranian regime continues to fuel conflict, terror, and turmoil throughout the middle east and beyond. importantly, iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal. in the event we are not able to reach a solution working with congress and allies, then the agreement will be terminated. >> a couple of folks on capitol hill, in fact a few lawmakers got together and they're effectively trying to come up
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with a way to advance the agenda. let's hold iran's feet to the fire. see if we can't take back some of the sunset parts of this agreement. let's see if maybe we can't have more restrictions. failing that, maybe we end up with sanctions. keep this in mind, if there are new sanctions, we're talking about a violation of the deal. and so congressional lawmakers like rubio and others and corker and cotton are trying to come up with a fix. the president is saying, listen, this is not working the way it's going. he went so far today, neil, to blame former president obama for emboldening the iranian regime. >> president trump: we will see what happens with iran. we're very unhappy with iran, they have not treated us with the kind of respect that they should be treating. they should have thanked barack obama for making that deal. they were gone. they were economically gone.
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he infused 100 to 150 billion dollars into their economy. he gave them $1.7 billion in cash. they should be thank you president obama. they didn't say that. >> we have heard him say that before, neil, obviously the white house is hopeful that something will come out of this kicking it down the road to congress. it may or may not. again, if it doesn't work out, he is prepared to take the u.s. out of the iran nuclear deal all together. by the way, i can also tell you he has emboldened the treasury to go after the islamic revolutionary guard to impose sanctions on them. this is not the end of this story. >> neil: calling them a terrorist group sticks in iran's craw more than anything else. thank you. before we get to the next subject let's review this, a chance to review the deal the president says the iranians are not sticking to. does not mean he's not pulling out of the deal. he's not imposing or reimposing
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new sanctions yet and it does not mean that any wider economic actions are going to be taken to a country that's already gotten better than $60 million unfrozen back in its coffers. you can't take that back. outside of that, the iranians are the ones that find themselves saying we are sticking to this deal, it is a tough deal, we are honoring it. that's that. or is it? hudson institute michael friesen joining us. the iranians are chasing at the fact they have been turned termed on the whole globe sheeters and the revolutionary guard is deemed in the eyes of president trump a terrorist group. that seems to be sticking more than anything else. what next? >> the three pillars that the president mentioned, three foe discussed on the revolutionly guard corps and decertifying the jcpoa. this is huge. basically designated the entirety of the irgc as a
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terrorist organization, to include the affiliates and entities. that means businesses and percentage owned by revolutionary guard corps members in iran can be targeted by u.s. treasury. european companies doing business with those entities. one interesting thing from the secretary ma chuch in, he warned -- in a mu chin he warned american companies from doing business with iran, that would include boeing working with iran air who are our intelligent analysts say they use their aircraft to move iraqi and afghan shia as well as revolutionly guard corps military personnel to syria. which is a total violation of existing u.n. security council resolutions. >> neil: boeing has denied that. one of the things is how far the administration can realistically go, i'll touch on it with the state department, they say the deal is okay the way it is,
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don't go too far for president, we like -- mr. president, we like the, we can make adjustments. but abdicating it, is a very, very dangerous precedent. what do you think? >> well, i say that the iran deal isn't the glue that kept americans and its allies together. our allies will always pick america's $18 trillion economy over iran's $480 billion economy. again, america assumed all of the risk in this deal as well as israel. israel wasn't at the table. our european allies saw an investment opportunity m an untapped market to do business. yet they haven't yet, they're worried whether or not their banks would be targeted by u.s. sanctions. u.s. treasury for doing business with companies that have owners that belong to the revolutionary guard corps. this is huge. this gives us tools and leverage in the middle east. rear assures our allies, puts the spotlight on baghdad,
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damascus, beirut with the revolutionary guard corps. this is huge. >> neil: it is indeed and has the whole globe talking and watching. michael, thank you, have a good weekend. we mentioned that and how we deal with foreign capitals that aren't really pleased. we're reopening this deal. they already telegraphed that. as soon as we got this announcement we are covering this on espn, it was time for every major foreign capital, at least in europe, to hit send and get the remarks out they don't think this a good idea. rich hudson at the state department. the jibt of what they're saying is -- the gist is this is not a classic treaty and congress approved it, et cetera. it is xwha it is. -- what it is. if it looks to the world that we are backing away from the deal slippery slope. what are you hearing? >> they argue this is enshrined in international law, the european allies say they're concerned. saudi arabia says they applaud president trump's vision. israel is happy with the president's announcement. russia took the trump
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administration rhetoric and threw it back at them. the european union is part of the iran nuclear deal. their representative says the world will contain it. >> it is not a bilateral agreement. it does not belong to any single country. it is not up to any single country to terminate it. it is a multi lateral agreement which was unanimously endorsed by the united nations security council resolution. >> european governments say iran is living up to its side of the deal. european companies have increased business with iran because of the iran nuclear deal. they have been pushing for the united states towns stay in this and hold the deal together. china and rush yav reacted, the russian foreign ministry says we took with regret the refusal to recertify the iran nuclear deal. however we consider it as an element of domestic political controversy within the frame work of the united states national legislation. we hope this step will have no
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averse impacts on the implementation of the deal. but it is obvious that it runs counter to the spirit and the letter of the jcpoa, insult there. the trump administration has been saying that the iranians were violating the spirit and letter of the deal. ron, back to you. >> neil: thank you, rich. now, you have north korea, part of what the president was saying in targeting iran, they might be doing sneaky things with north korea. north korea has gone on record they could have surprises, even targeting game. we have said that any move on game is a move on us. that's going to escalate things. all of this comes at a time when we are cracking down on two rogue regimes so to speak. kurt, commander, what do you make of all of this? >> i think that when you look at north korea, it is continuation of the policy where we look at it in a holistic manner. it is clear that iran has aided and agetted the ballistic
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missile technology why north korea made the strides they do. there's room for diplomatic solutions. the united states will be prepared with all instruments of national power including military options to react to them. more north korea bumdz up the capability, the more the united states has to demand they cease and denuclearize the north korean peninsula. >> neil: what they are trying to search for, a lot of folks believe that secretly iran is there, fomenting trouble and helping the north koreans and given all the money they got when the assets were unfrozen, $60 billion plus a couple of years ago, they've been using that for nefarious uses. do you think that is the case? do you think north korea is the beneficiary? as a result, that is why north korea can be so cavalier in the face of our threats, they've got money to do pretty much what they want? >> i think they are going to be
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a connection with that, the intell generals community -- intelligence community is finding the ties there. consequently, while the united states will continue a diplomatic effort, when you look at some of the military things we can do, we really need to step back. and ensure that there are additional things put into south korea and japan. we need to look at bolstering the defenses in hawaii f we don't the pacific rim is going to start to come under threat from this nuclear threat from north korea. in reality, we have to be able to be prepared for it. we don't want it to happen. i think there are options available. but nonetheless, you prepare for the worst option, while still working toward the best one. >> neil: i know you aren't a market guy, but i'm always amazed by the attitude of markets and investors who seem to think this, too, shall pass or this isn't a big worry or our crackdown on iran is a good thing, ignoring north korea sabre-rattling.
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so, i wonder whether we risk going past the grave yards or the markets are telegraphing something, we're on top of this, don't worry about it. >> when you look at it, neil, the decision by the president when it comes to not recertifying the iran agreement is a strong signal for u.s. markets. face it, europe was going all-in to aid and abet everything iran was doing and give them billions of dollars into a market. the united states basically held back and i think that our markets looked at it and said, we're not going to jump into this right away, clearly, this president threwout the cam pap and now that he's in office has telegraphed and signaled he didn't like the agreement, he didn't like what iran was doing throughout the middle east and the globe, north korea, south america. we're not as invested. if things have to tighten down especially with the irgc certification today, you see, we're going to start tightening the screws who is going to be affected? european markets.
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u.s. markets can take advantage of that in the meantime. >> neil: commander, good seeing you again, thank you. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: all right, the second guessing in vegas doesn't stay in vegas. a very angry sheriff on all this back and forth over timelines that don't jibe. i think the sheriff just said a lot of the critics don't jibe. stick around. [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney. he has a new business teaching lessons. rodney wanted to know how his business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he can see his bottom line. ahhh...that's a profit. know where you stand instantly. visit quickbooks-dot-com. welcome! hhi!s it going? okay, so you've got two friends here. yes. this is the j.d. power award for dependability. now i want you to give it to the friend
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>> there is no conspiracy between the fbi, lvpd and the mgm. nobody is attempting to hide anything. reference this investigation. >> neil: all right, the sheriff today a little hot under the collar, maybe justifiably so for the second guessing he's receiving. one group is hiding something from the other group or why didn't jesus campos, who was the security guard shot, why didn't he immediately call his security
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force at the hotel. maybe he did, maybe he didn't, no one knows, maybe he called the police but no one knew. police were already there or so they said. mgm saying that time line is incorrect. people then thinking it's the grassy knoll all over again. enter ted williams, former d.c. homicide investigator. you know, ted, you always remind me it's natural under the pressure and under all of the scrutiny, you know, nerves can be frayed. but then to assume that people are deliberately hiding stuff. first of all you have to wonder to what end. secondly, you know, who gets the better of that. what do you think of all of this, clearly the sheriff responding to all of these concocted stories that there was a sort of grassy knoll plot going on. what do you think? >> well, neil, what i think is that the sheriff is under a great deal of strain, rightfully so, in this investigation. but sadly, and i don't think the
1:19 pm
sheriff by the way is incompetent. but on the other hand, the sheriff in this instance had to have been his own worst enemy. because first of all, he asked for the public to help. when you ask for the public to help, you've got to give them information that they can go out and help you with and not misinformation. and i think the sheriff is the first to the say that he gave out the public misinformation. and the misinformation dealt with the security guard, campos, when he was shot, when paddock started shooting, into the outside, into the crowd. more misinformation that pod dock arrived and came to the hotel on the 28th when in fact paddock was there on the 25th. i really, my heart goes out for the sheriff in what he's dealing w but you can't give out misinformation, neil. >> neil:ia it is a legitimate concern.
1:20 pm
i lost a loved one and i hear about this security guard shot in the leg, before the event, not after the event. before the shooting. not after the shooting. and i'm beginning to wonder, now, could something have been done before then to stop paddock from going on the carnage he was on because there were five or six minutes there. that's what people are getting into. what a lot of people get nervous about. especially those who fear legal cup pabilt. what does that mean, that development alone, there were calls within the mandalay bay hotel, observer who picked up on the shooting of campos, the other calls. what do you make of that snferbts we know that at 10:59, paddock is in the room and campos, the security guard, comes up to the room, tries to breachted door. at 10:05, the shooting starts. according to the sheriff, just prior to the shooting starting at 10:05 campos, the security
1:21 pm
guard, is shot in the leg. he immediately calls for help. we know at 10:17 that security according to the sheriff was on the 32nd floor. when the shooting had stopped. now, neil, look, law enforcement if they knew the shooter was continuing, they would have rushed in there, i believe. on the other hand, common sense particular dictate if you don't know it's continuing, take a position and prepare yourselves to go into that room. that's what any swat team would have done. >> neil: all right, ted williams, didn't mean to jump on you. investigator extraordinaire, good at this stuff. in the meantime, insurance companies, you like them when it comes your healthcare coverage? they get billions from you, billions. to sort of underwrite coverage for those who want to get health insurance under obamacare. the president today essentially stopped that, he said that will stop. will the coverage for these
1:22 pm
folks stop? why is closing a causing a great deal of concern among health insurance guys and democrats and republicans. after this. i rode shotgun in lead humvee and i looked for bombs. stop short. i don't see nothin' man. you don't see it, he feels it. you are my hammer out there. don't let these young guys see you fold. ♪ i'm only human, i make mistakes ♪ ♪ i'm only human, that's all it takes ♪ ♪ to put the blame on me i'm alive because of you. i'm not a hero. we're brothers, we look after each other. thank you for your service. rated r.
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>> that money is a subsidy for insurance companies. look at the stocks. going through the roof. i don't know about today, from the past. but the insurance companies have made a fortune. that money was a subsidy and almost you could say a payoff for insurance companies. >> neil: well, he was right that he had, i don't know about today, today they were tarnging on the threat the president is going to take away the subsidies, better than $7 billion. insurance companies use that to finance poor folks getting insurance coverage. subsidize the cost for the coverage.
1:26 pm
a lot of folks say it goes well beyond poor individuals. be that as it may the president wants to yank that, insurance stocks taking it on the chin as a result. betsy mccoy follows, this scripted out as she forecast years ago. so it continues now. betsy, good to have you up. the president wants to take those subsidies away. a lot of democrats and republicans are concerned it's going to implode the market. republicans fear that. >> be clear what they are. the president has not said that he will discontinue the subsidies to help people pay premiums when they buy obamacare plans. those subsidies, about $44 billion a year, are authorized and appropriated by congress and they will continue. so people who go to the obamacare exchanges this year to buy their plans will be as eligible as they previously were. what he is talking about is a different subsidy, a much smaller one but a whopping big
1:27 pm
one, $7 billion to $8 billion a year, never been authorized and appropriated by congress. so it would be a violation of the u.s. constitution for the president to continue to spend that money. president obama spent that money in defiance of congress. and against the constitution. >> neil: what does the $7 billion or $8 billion go to? >> to subsidize out of pocket expenses for the lowest income consumers. i'm not arguing whether they should get it. but the fact is, the law says that the president can't spend that money until congress aproep prats it. and -- appropriates it. president trump has given congress nine months since he took office to act and appropriate that money. clearly, the people's representatives oppose appropriating that money. the beef isn't with donald trump. >> neil: so all right, let's what's to stop the president, let's say it's democrat next time desending what he did?
1:28 pm
congress doesn't seem to be able to get an alternative measure going. this is executive order. >> i would not recommend that the president break article 2 of the constitution and seize authority that belongs to congress under article one. that's not the way our system of government works. if the money should be spent, congress has to appropriate it. >> neil: so is the president overstepping himself today, yes or no? >> absolutely not. he is abiding by the u.s. constitution. he took an oath to honor that constitution. >> neil: you just said congress should handle this. >> that's right, he should. congress should hund handle it, not the president. congress can't spend money -- i mean the president can't spend money congress has refused to appropriate. >> neil: okay. good seeing you again. >> the president -- the president would argue that this is throwing bad money after good. because this system is
1:29 pm
collapsing, $8 billion is a lot of money, fix it. >> neil: it is. all right, thank you, betsy very, very much. betsy mccoy. all right, that iran deal is getting a lot of second guessing. if you assume that the iranians are cheating what is the next step to prove it? after this.
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>> neil: this the land of the billionaires in seattle. so many rich companies that pay at the full freight rate, in other words the top corporate rate.
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fifteen percent or more. >> neil: you know, i'm going to link the iran deal, the healthcare thing, even tax cuts back to congress. back to the president saying i will unilaterally on my own, do a memoranda, then decertify deals, because you guys are not doing it. i expect you to follow up and come up with something that would include daca by the way, you're not doing it. let's get head of house freedom caucus, republican of ohio. what he's saying, i think congressman, i'm tired of waiting for you guys, i'm going to take this into my own hands. am i reading it right? >> he's doing what he told the american people he would do, what we all should be doing. i said this on your show, congress' job is basic. what did you tell the voters you
1:34 pm
were going to do when they elected to you serve them. what the president is doing, as you say, not doing something on the daca issue, that was unconstitutional what president obama did. whether it's now on the csr payments, the insurance bailouts. of course now on the iran agreement. >> neil: but, i mean, i guess what i'm asking is, will congress do something? i know there's -- >> they better. >> neil: the senate has far more rules, i know that. but even on the tax cut thing, i'm beginning to wonder whether the votes are there. what do you think? >> i think the votes are definitely there in the house. the frame work that was unveiled a couple of weeks ago is where we want it to be, bringing it down. we said in the freedom caucus show us a tax frame work that cuts taxes that, simplifies the code and one is that conducive to producing economic growth and we'll support the budget and move it along. what we told the voters we would do. i'm confident it'll get through the house.
1:35 pm
with the senate, e mean, neil -- i mean, neil, six republican senators on the healthcare issue, voted against the very legislation they supported 20 months ago. exact same language, same commas, punk situation, everything the same. they voted against it after they told the voters they were for it and supported it, they then voted against it. your guess is as good as mine. i hope they're getting the message from their constituents and pass it after we do. we'll have to wait and see. >> neil: the argument that was raised against president obama crafting this deal that was never approved by congress, he overstepped his bounds. same criticism of the president, this president getting from democrats that he overstepped his bounds, didn't consult congress. do you see congress coming up with an enforceable treaty or mechanism to challenge the iranians and to prove that they were honoring a deal that calls for them to avoid anything
1:36 pm
nuclear? >> well, we don't want iran getting nuclear weapons. anyone knows that this is the largest state-sponsored terrorism, their relationship with assad, with hezbollah, what they said about us and the best ally israel. we start from that premise. i like what the president said today, it was a whole new tone compared to the previous administration, the previous administration is appeasement, weakness, and frankly leading from behind. that is not president trump. >> neil: did he prove anything or say thinking that is going to work? he didn't reimpose any sanctions, didn't offer new sanctions. to your point the threat is there. but do you think he should? >> well, what he did is follow with the law what it sets out. certification time frame. he said i'm not going to follow that certification, that's what the law says, every so off you have to recertify. he said i'm not going to do it. refocus and look to see how we can make it better or scrap it all together. i was one of the handful in the house that didn't vote for this thing. i'm for scrapping it all
1:37 pm
together. what we should do is focus on what sarngss would snap back in place if, in fact, we get rid of the agreement. think about that as we move forward. the president did the right move on this and a host of other things that he's done in the last two days. >> neil: it prompted a lot of protests in iran. but i one gear whether the genie could be out of the bottle too late. when this deal was signed, i believe the iranians got better than $60 billion of assets quickly unfrozen, some of it coming on private jets as the deal was signed. i'm wondering, this is my big fear, do they feel emboldened to say the hell with trump, we got our money, we have the wherewithal to survive whatever he throws at us. >> this is the problem with the only deal. but that's in the past, that happened, unfortunate that it did, i think the president's moving in the right direction. and you also, look what our allies said, what israel said. they said this the right move. they understand the threat that this country poses for the greater middle eastern area and
1:38 pm
worldwide. this is the right direction to move. the president showed a different tone, the right tone, set the right kind of message that the right kind of tone with this action. and senators cotton and corker already working on the kind of legislation that we may need to look at moving forward. let's figure out what we have to do and begin to look at the sanks that we may have to put back in place. >> neil: all right, congressman, thank you. good catching up. >> thank you. >> neil: in the town of seattle you know with all of these technology names and amazon and such, a lot of it, the advertised rate, they pay the full corporate rate, 35% and all. they can't write off a lot, aren't special allowances or breaks for them. imagine talk of bringing it down to 20%. imagine the runup that you've seen in these stocks since the election. a lot of guys might not be big personal fans of donald trump but they are big fans of what donald trump is cooking up. big tax cuts and how it
1:39 pm
reverberates here, in seattle, tech town, after this. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette
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>> neil: we make a lot of it here, that the idea that people pay taxes, corporations bail out in taxes. it can never be as high as that advertised rate of 35%. well in this neck of the woods technology land, otherwise known as seattle, billionaires, amazon, i could go on with the other big players here, and the technology like boeing, et cetera. a lot of them do pay close to that rate. you cut that almost in half, bring it down to 20%, even if it doesn't finish there, you can make a difference. a lot of these stocks have been soaring. charles payne and bob, these particular stocks, in the technology of course, the life blood with microsoft and amazon in seattle, have been buoyed by this talk.
1:43 pm
even though the people might not be republicans. what do you think? >> may not be republicans but they have the pom-poms on when it comes to the tax plan. two things, right? >> neil: they like the green. >> effective tax rate last year, am a sonl paid -- amazon paid 36.6%. they're looking for a new headquarters, hire 100,000 people for the holidays. can you imagine if they had more money to work with? the other side is repatriation. apple has were $700 billion outside the country, let them bring it back. they root for the tax plan. >> neil: let me twist it around, bob, what if it's delayed, not denied, but delayed given the time frame and the bickering and the senate, not so much the house. what do you think? >> that shows you how the stakes are so high. you look at this, every company has a stake in tax reform. and at first it was 15%, now up
1:44 pm
to 20. president trump says he's not going higher. the freedom caucus isn't going any higher. i talked to republicans and they say it's expensive, maybe 25 is okay. i think this a huge deal for tech. but i also think some people may be too bullish right now. you have john mccain voting against the 2001 and 2003 busch tax cuts. and republicans, including mcconnell, are trying to get joe man chin to get onboard. to lessen the leverage of the john mccains and rand pauls out there. >> neil: you lose a couple of republicans, pick up a couple of democrats. charles, a lot of people say the market getting frosty, but that if they get the tax cuts all of a sudden it's a lot more affordable. can you explain that? >> well, the tax cuts mean more money to be plowed into the economy. that generates additional economic activity. i would like to point out that while these headlines are the
1:45 pm
markets breaking record highs, almost every single day there's some economic data that suggests the wheels of xwhers have begun to move. today we saw consumeers with a 14-year high. something is happening laj cal and it's not just optimism but morphing into reality. >> neil: you know, one of the things i see, and you mention john mccain, this confuses me, he's a maverick, against the two bush tax cuts. but years later in the beginning, with barack obama, didn't want to rescind them, he didn't want to essentially raise taxes. that was the argument at the time. he's a riddle wrapped in a conundrum. can go either way f you had to be a betting man on this, which way would he go? >> i think he's probably a no. it's also, you know, neil, everything is about relationships. there's a bad relationship between mccain and trump. you've been outspoken on this, trump is going to need bob corker and john mccain, he needs most of these guys to vote yes.
1:46 pm
most democrats if not all, i think, are going to vote no. >> neil: i wonder, charles, whether the president has poisoned that well, might not have been his intention, might be just responding to senators who said things about him, i know this stuff works. but he could be hurting himself. what do you think? >> no doubt i'd like to see more carrots rather than stick when is it comes to tweets. but we do know these folks were elected to represent the american people and get things done. i hope they don't really -- listen, 25% may not what about they want. and it won't be the lowest in the world. i will tell you, you probably get the votes that you want and all of the other things that are happening with lower regulations. america is an attractive place to be with competitive tax rates. they don't have to be the lowest. coupled with fewer regulations, companies face failure and come back. >> neil: thank you both. in the meantime, howness for blunt in the land of seattle. amazon indicating today that its entertainment chief is suspended. the statement was quick and to
1:47 pm
the point. roy price is on a leave of absence effective immediately. why that company just might have a harvey weinstein problem on its hands. i'll explain after this. . some financial crisis, and saw his portfolio drop by double digits. it really scared him out of the markets. his advisor ran the numbers and showed that he wouldn't be able to retire until he was 68. the client realized, "i need to get back into the markets- i need to get back on track with my plan." the financial advisor was able to work with this client. he's now on track to retire when he's 65. having someone coach you through it is really the value of a financial advisor. i had purpose and i loved it. you never told me you were a hero. you are my hammer out there. don't let these young guys see you fold. ♪ i'm only human ♪ i make mistakes get down! ♪ i'm only human ♪ it's all it takes
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>> neil: all right, well harvey weinstein might be in some hot water but his brother, bob, running the company right now, co-chairman indicates the company isn't going anywhere. our bank partners and share holders are fully supportive of the company and untrue that the company or board is moring a sale or shutdown of the company. responding to a "wall street journal" story that said that was exactly what was happening. also, noted the lack of apparent interest. that could all change. we have developments on these
1:51 pm
and a widening issue of these harassment and crude executive behavior issues that seem to be back in vogue here. what's going on? >> all of these relationships right now are starting to look like a bowl of spa gettie. a refemale producer at amazon, she's gone public about an incident in 2015, a sexual harassment complaint that she filed against roy price, amazon's roy price, at the time. after the incident occurred, she says she went to executives at amazon, filed a complaint, then there was an outside investigation but she said she never really learned the results of that inquiry. what she does say happened, is she said that she and mr. price, and this is allegedly according to her statements, were in a car going to a work related event. she says he was very crude, that he specifically spoke about a body part, and that later at a party he whispered a particular
1:52 pm
sex act and suggested they should participate in that. she did make a statement to our colleagues at the jurm, saying it would be wonderful if companies could lead by example by establishing a zero tolerance policy for harassment. she said she was inspired by the women who came forward to speak about mr. weinstein and hoped that she sharing her story inspires others, particularly those who cannot speak for themselves. now, some one that you were just alluding to who has been speaking out is weinstein's main accuser, rose mcgowan. she's been tweeting directly to amazon's ceo, i'm going to read 2000 of her tweets. jeff bezos, i told you the head -- told the head of your studio that harvey weinstein raped me, over and over i said it. he said it hadn't been proven. i said i was the proof. again, she tweets to mr. bezos, i forcefully begged the studio
1:53 pm
head, implield at amazon, to do the right thing. meaning not co-produce with weinstein. i was ignored. the deal was done. amazon won a dirty oscar. amazon spokesperson says the company is reviewing the options for two projects that it co-producing with the weinstein company. you have been covering this afternoon the idea that the "wall street journal" presented that the weinstein catch is establishing a sale or shutdown. i know they have refuted it. but there are a lot of analysts who are looking on the side lines and saying, listen, it is likely there could be a fire sale. some of the assets, libraries, movies sold off. back to you. >> neil: paddington bear and that stuff. thank you. i know after hearing the allegations against past and present leaders in corporate america you think to yourself, my gosh, is there any good one left. we just found one. in fact, so spectacular the president of the united states cited him for remarkable charity.
1:54 pm
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>> hurricane harvey, a local furniture store owner known as mattress macs, decided he had to help. >> and he did. very good to have your back. high praise, again, to get the praise from the president of the united states. you put it on yourself to help folks. a lot of people need to hear that now because they are getting a dim deal with business owners. what do you think? >> it's an obligation to support our community, neil. the president said we've got to offer people hope. it was a very grim situation, you saw in hurricane harvey, it's still grim. we are getting better.
1:58 pm
the resiliency, the spirit of texas is coming through. we are making a very strong comeback. thank you for a president trunk recognizing us and recognizing the tremendous people in texas, the job they did to rebuild houston, regal texas and get back on its feet. >> neil: when you essentially opened up your warehouse to anyone and everyone who needed a place to stay, who needed food and they got bigger and bigger and bigger. that's essentially what happened, right? >> yeah, that's what we did. on sunday when the rain was really bad, we put out a facebook call for drivers. most of our employees couldn't come to work, cdl drivers picking up drivers bringing up from both in richmond and in houston. about 250-200 people, folks telling me nights in a row, they were great and couldn't be better. it was, although a terrible experience, it turned out to be a good experience right when
1:59 pm
they thought about helping people. >> neil: yeah, that's what i like. that part. i think you're more typical of corporate people then you are hearing in the press about the harvey weinstein and others. do you think i'm right? >> i absolutely do. people want to do the right thing, they want to do right by their employees, they want to do right by their communities. we had a function last night at a costco in woodland, texas. everybody had help, for the families affected they can help. there is a spirit, a texan spirit helping, it's important to make up. they'll make a difference in your community. >> neil: it's very inspiring, jim. jim, thank you very much. you might better know him as mattress mack. he's the owner, he's the guy. above politics. just fair and balanced, being a human being. because there is no right or
2:00 pm
left victims. there are just victims. that will do it here from seattle. we will see you back in new york on monday. in the meanwhile, we will keep an eye on these markets for you and why they go up, up, up and all of these faces of these concerns. >> hello, everyone. i am dana perino, along with kibler illegal foil, jesse watters, juan williams, and greg gutfeld, this is "the five." hollywood has been rocked by the harvey weinstein scandal this week. and now more allegations against the movie go mobile i told your studio hw, hardy winston meanwhile, speaking out about why she stay


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